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"Home Care Is What We Do!"


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How It All Began!

My name is Stacie Wilson and like most of us, I have faced heartrending choices when the safety and care of a loved one become a concern. If you are visiting my website today then the chances are great that you are facing the same dilemma.

Your concerns might be of a temporary nature: for example you are caring for someone in your home and you have to be absent perhaps it is a post surgery situation which would require the service of an experienced caregiver. Maybe you have recognized that your loved one is no longer safe living alone and you worry because you cannot be there to ensure their well being. We understand the frustration you feel when your concerns are met with denial, stubbornness and sometimes even hostility. The loss of independence and control over our lives is, by its very nature, terrorizing. We at SPCS recognize the emotional and financial impact for all concerned and we strive to assist you and your loved one in creating an individualized care plan: a plan of care which will take into consideration every aspect of the circumstances from your point of view to the feelings of the client. Once the care plan is in place, our team of experienced staff will work with you to find the most compatible care giver. Our goal is twofold- Safety and happiness for your loved one and peace of mind for you.

We are available to answer any questions or advise you on the plan best suited to your situation.

Stacie Wilson, RN